About children’s glasses

About children’s glasses professional knowledge

children’s glasses First of all, we can’t deny that the ophthalmology clinic is still the main choice for parents to bring their children to optometry and directly buy glasses, but the so-called professional optometry of ophthalmology is also checked by nurses, not ophthalmologists themselves, and nurses have received professional and rigorous optometry Optometry education? In addition, various factors such as the time-consuming waiting time in the eye clinic are obviously present. Therefore, for parents of dual-income families, there is not so much time to go to the eye clinic and wait, so many of them are the first time to have an eye examination and fitting, and then they go to the eyeglasses when there is a problem or when they need to change their glasses. The store will carry out follow-up processing, so this second opportunity is where the glasses store should take good care of. By providing complete consulting services and professional knowledge, it will highlight the value of the store and gain the trust of parents.
According to common sense, children’s lively and active nature relatively increases the after-sales service of   The lens is broken, the frame is crooked, the screw is lost, and the nose pad needs to be replaced. Furthermore, children grow up fast, and the high proportion of glasses needs to be replaced in one or two years. With professional knowledge, patient and careful analysis and suggestions for parents, I believe that the next time parents go directly to the glasses store to fit children’s glasses, the opportunity will definitely increase a lot. What’s more, as long as trust and loyalty are established in the part of children’s glasses, then I believe that the entire family will be your potential and fixed customer base. Therefore, looking at it from afar, it is not just the market size of children’s glasses!
correct choice
Nose pads
Children’s heads are very different from adults, especially the height of the nose bridge. Most children have a lower nose bridge. Therefore, it is best for children to choose glasses with high nose pads or glasses frames with adjustable nose pads. Otherwise, the nose pads of the frame are low, and the glasses are easy to stick to the eyeballs, and even touch the eyelashes, causing eye discomfort.
Frame material
The material of the frame is mainly divided into metal frame and plastic sheet frame. Most children are very active and take off, put on and place their glasses at will. Using the metal frame is easy to deform and break, and the metal frame may cause skin irritation. The plastic frame is not wear-resistant, has poor ductility, is easy to break, and the fracture is serrated, which is not suitable for children.
Choose children’s glasses must pay attention to the weight. Because the weight of the glasses directly acts on the bridge of the nose, if it is too heavy, it is easy to cause pain in the bridge of the nose, professional knowledge and in severe cases, it may lead to degeneration of the nasal bone. Therefore, the weight of glasses for children is generally below 17 grams.
frame size
Children’s glasses should have an adequate field of vision. Since children have a wide range of activities, try not to choose a frame that will produce shadows and blind spots. If the frame is too small, the field of vision will become smaller; if the frame is too large, it is easy to wear unstable, and the weight will increase. Therefore, children’s eyeglass frames should be moderate in size.
Lens selection
The optical quality of the lens will affect the visual quality, so children’s glasses should choose lenses with good light transmittance to avoid inferior lenses that will aggravate the degree of myopia. From a safety point of view, children should choose safe and unbreakable resin lenses instead of glass, which can avoid eye trauma caused by broken lenses.
Most parents believe that the more expensive the better, the best for their children. In fact, the diopter of children’s eyes changes rapidly, and it is often necessary to replace them in half a year to a year. From an economic point of view, it is more important to choose the right price.

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