Best Laser Treatment For Anal Fissure

Best Laser Treatment For Anal Fissure

An anal fissure is a state of having a slight tear in the anus. It may lead to minor pain or severe bleeding. Moreover, it can also cause discomfort while discharging stools. Its treatment ranges from preliminary preventions to the best laser treatment for anal fissures,  depending upon the severity of signs. This condition can be found in patients of all ages, from infants to grown-ups.

What generates anal fissures?

There are many causes of these fissures. For example, discharging large, hard, and dry stools can lead to anal fissures. Also, constipation, anal sex, childbirth, and stress during bowel movements are a few more reasons behind these fissures.

Patients with Leukemia, STD, anal cancer, HIV, or Ulcerative colitis may have these fissures as a symptom. Moreover, Crohn’s disease and chronic and prolonged diarrhea can be the reason behind anal fissures.

Preventive actions

The experts at Chaudhary hospital suggest some preventive actions if you have any symptoms or conditions mentioned above.

Another preventive step is analyzing the diet. Food is one of the best medicines to help you prevent this condition. However, knowing the dos and don’ts is vital. To avoid anal fissures, we recommend the following food.

  • Fiber-rich diet
  • Variety of fruits and greens
  • Diet with whole grains
  • Fruits with citric acid
  • Beans and pulses
  • Curd
  • Flax seeds
  • Root vegetables

Treatments for anal fissure

Doctors may suggest soaking in warm water for several minutes as a primary remedy. Moreover, it can relax the sphincter and help heal it. To cure chronic anal fissures, expert doctors run an extensive diagnosis to suggest you the best treatments.

Initial diagnosis can be executed with anoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopySome non-surgical treatments include treatments with nitroglycerin, anesthetic creams, or botulinum toxin type A injection. Further, there are surgical treatments available. Despite these treatments, the best laser treatment for anal fissure can treat this condition.

There are two types of laser treatments for fissures:

  • Fissurectomy
  • Sphincterotomy

Laser Fissurectomy

The laser Fissurectomy technique removes the borders of the fissures with any skin tags surgically. The entire affected area is then closed with a cauterizing instrument. However, unlike Laser Sphincterotomy, a fistulectomy is less familiar.

The best laser treatment for anal fissure: Laser Sphincterotomy

The standard laser treatment for anal fissure is also known as Laser Sphincterotomy. Doctors suggest this treatment for chronic fissures. First, the surgeon creates an incision using a laser in this process. As a result, it loosens and relaxes tight anal muscles. In turn, this helps heal the condition.

Advantages of the best laser treatment for anal fissure

Nowadays, professionals suggest a contemporary way to treat fissures with cutting-edge technology and powerful instruments. For example, laser sphincterotomy leads to faster recovery than open surgery. Further, it benefits patients with the following advantages.

  • This treatment is slightly invasive.
  • It goes for local anesthesia.
  • Post-surgery pain in this treatment is comparatively lower than in traditional methods.
  • There are no cuts and wounds.
  • The risk of infection is shallow.
  • There is lower blood loss in this surgery.
  • It supports faster recovery.
  • This method has a low recurrence rate.
  • This surgery has no diet regulations.
  • The patients could even get a discharge on the same day with this surgery.

Chaudhary hospital’s proctology treatments

Adept doctors at Chaudhary hospital have the guidance of our expert Dr. Manan Singh. Moreover, we have a well-equipped staff who can offer proper treatments for various proctology diseases.

We offer a comprehensive cure of fissures with a complete diagnosis and precise treatments to treat chronic fissures at affordable prices. In addition, we suggest a remedy by understanding the patient’s diet, lifestyle, and environment. The holistic approach to providing treatment can help patients heal faster.

The best laser treatment for anal fissure at Chaudhary hospital

Our specialists conduct laser Sphincterotomy to treat severe anal spasms and chronic anal fissures. It starts with a rectal examination and ends with post-surgery care. Furthermore, to ensure faster healing of the patient, we even recommend post-surgery diet and lifestyle changes if required.


A normal anal fissure can heal in a few weeks. However, if the state has intense pain and chronic symptoms for several days, consult a professional for the best laser treatment for anal fissure.

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