Best Tips to Stage Your Home for Selling As You Plan To relocating

Best Tips to Stage Your Home for Selling As You Plan To relocating

I have the best tips for staging your home for sale as you plan to relocate. You may have found a beautiful and spacious abode in a top-notch society, just like you always wanted, and that too at a lucrative price. Or your company wants to deploy you overseas, and you are planning to move with your family.

Whatever your reason, the first thing that you have to do as a home owner is to sell your current house. You can take a few months or even a few years to sell your house unless you find a potential buyer.

It is a common marketing strategy to present a product in a fancy manner to increase its selling proposition. The same goes for your house; you need to present it in such a way that the buyers cannot resist buying it.

If you have a few quotations from multiple potential buyers, you can sell them at the highest quote. It is easier said than done. However, I will let you know how you can lure the buyers into buying your house.

Follow the best tips to stage your home for sale as you plan to relocate:

Plan things simultaneously.

You are planning for two things at a time. On one hand, you are looking for potential buyers to sell your house. On the other hand, you are planning for a house shift. So plan out both things together.

Fix a budget for your relocation process. Decide on a time frame for your relocation and try to manage everything according to the stipulated time. You have to make a target of achieving the house-selling goal within that time.

You should contact your friends and neighbors and ask them to contact their associates if anyone is interested in buying a property. State your need for social media platforms to reach a larger audience. Enlist your property in a property dealer’s office and ask them to reach out to the clients.

For relocating, decide how you want to shift. See if a DIY move is feasible for you, or do you want professional help for the same? Look for the best-suited packers and movers near your locality that offer moving services within the limits of your budget.

Schedule your plans.

As you are planning to relocate, you should make plans to make it an organized affair. Make a list of all the possessions that you would like to carry from your current house to your dream abode.

Do not miss out on anything on the list. Also, make a schedule of the tasks that you need to do to shift your house. Make a list of the things that you want to change in the current house to help it sell out fast. Work according to the schedules.

Cut the crap!

De-clutter your house, as this will help you in two ways. First, it will steer clear of the clutter and create extra space that the buyers will appreciate. Second, it will reduce the size of your possessions as you relocate from one house to another. The lower the cost of moving, the smaller the size of the move.

Invest in organizers.

Procure some organizers from the market that are multifunctional and aesthetic at the same time. Ottoman stools with storage space, beds with storage, and wardrobe organizers are some of the lifesavers in this regard.

These organizers will increase the visual appeal of your current house to attract buyers. They will help you store goods inside while shifting the house from Delhi to Bangalore. They will further add to the furniture collection in your new abode.

Keep it spick-and-span.

Anything neat and clean is appealing to the human eye. So, make sure that you clean your house very well before you invite potential buyers to your house. Deep clean the upholstery of your sofas. Clean the grime off the kitchen counter and scrub the tiles in the bathroom to make them spick-and-span.

Paint the walls right.

Paint the walls of your house, and half of the transformation is done. But make sure that you do so wisely. Use neutral shades like white, off-white, cream, beige, light gray, powder blue, blush pink, pistachio green, etc. to paint the walls of your house. These colors will instantly make your rooms look spacious and elite.

Don’t overdo

As you plan to stage your home for sale before you relocate, don’t overdo things on a whim. You have fixed a target of selling your house within a particular time, but that shouldn’t make you go overboard with the decor and interiors.

Things should look realistic and not staged, especially when you are staging them up! Don’t put flowers in every nook of the house, or don’t put too many house plants to make your house look like a mini-jungle. Striking a balance is important when you are making things presentable. There is a thin line between elegant and tacky; be careful with it.

Curtains are important.

Curtains play an important role in staging your house. Curtains are bestowed with the superpower of making your home look more spacious and expensive. Make sure that your curtain rods are not more than 6 inches below the height of your ceiling.

The color of the curtains should be a dark color with a heavy texture. You can add a sheer lining of see-through organza fabric beneath the heavy curtains to increase their visual appeal.

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Fragrance plays a key role.

Our brain reacts, reciprocates, and remembers different scents in an effective way. So, if you want to create a lasting impression on someone, make sure you wear an unforgettable perfume.

The same implies for your home staging mission: make sure that your home smells like paradise as potential buyers arrive. Make sure that you have cleared the trash bin in the morning and that the bathrooms smell fresh.

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