Effective Digital Marketing Steps to Rank No.1 on Google Search Results

Effective Digital Marketing Steps to Rank Google Search Results

Digital Marketing is growing rapidly whereas the Search engine optimization process is slow. SEO takes decades to show its results and a consistent strategic approach. Google Search Results SEO hence is the most sluggish form of digital marketing. Why is it called Search Engine Optimization? Because SEO involves continuous developments over time. SEO is not meant for doing once in a lifetime. A person who is relying on SEO for their business has to repeat its SEO tactics within a few months.


However, there’s a shortcut for effective results and in this particular article piece, we will discuss the various ways to improve your business’s Google rankings. Google Search Results We will be sharing the fastest SEO tactics that you can use to rank on top of SERPs. Also, it can benefit you much more efficiently if you haven’t done it till now. Key marketing brings you the basic yet essential ways to ace the ranking game. Let’s check them out one by one-

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  1.     Start by Improving your On-site SEO. Why? Because on-page SEO is the quickest way in improving the search engine ranking of your page. It is easy because you can just optimize your pages in minutes that will show results within some days. Google Search Results Now you will be thinking How to optimize your site? Here comes the term keyword research. By frontloading your keyword that means putting your keyword at the beginning of your title will emphasize google to pay more attention to your site. As google pay attention to the terms that are shown in the early stages of your tag.


Make sure that your content consists of at least a word limit between 1800 – 1900. On deep analysis, we found that 1500 is the average number of words that were found in the topmost content ranked by Google. Our experience says that long-quality content will rand much better in SERPs. Make sure that your content covers everything you want your readers to know.


Avoid Keyword stuffing but do add your keywords 2 or 3 times in your content or page. This will help Google and tell it that this content is what the user is searching for which in turn will boost your rankings.


  1.     Importance of Latent Semantic Indexing – LSI keywords is those keywords that work with great efficiency in ranking for Google. They are considered as an advanced tactic for On-page SEO. They are the words or phrases that relate to your topic. These keywords tell google that the entire content is related to and about the topic. There are various tools to check out which keyword you can use in your content.


  1.     Optimizing Technical SEO – it is worth paying attention to as damaged technical SEO can badly affect your website’s SEO. One of the most important steps to pay attention to is by double-checking that you have a mobile-friendly website. Optimizing your site for mobiles is needed as 90% of the population uses mobile efficiently which can be done by just plugging a URL from the website to the mobile-friendly Google testing tool. Check your site’s speed, analyze how much time it takes to load your site. Site loading is a ranking factor for Google and should not be overlooked.


  1.     Bounce Rate – Yes it matters. Google will never appreciate people visiting your site and bouncing back in no time. If your site doesn’t, please the users, Google will get a sign and will never consider your site for ranking. This is Pogo Sticking. To avoid this give your users what they are looking for by analyzing your content with the google search intent. Provide great content that includes everything from information, to links to graphics and make sure once the user lands on your website, they should direct to content initially. Don’t let the search and waste time and save them from bouncing back.



  1.     Backlinking – Quality content is one thing but linking that content to potential viewers is another beneficial aspect for ranking on top. Why are backlinks important? Every day people are posting content, upload videos. That’s why you need to build backlinking. This can be achieved by broken link build method, Infographic Backlinking, Guest Posting, and tracking your competitor’s activities.


Now if you have applied all the above-said techniques you might start seeing results. But how will you analyze if these results are beneficial or not? Google analytics helps in tracking and optimizing results for SEO marketing. Or if you are not sure where to start, get in touch with Key Marketing and their various services that will help your website to rank on top of Google SERPs.

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