12 Insane Technology Gadgets You Wouldn’t Believe Exist!

The Craziest Gadgets to Watch Out For!

There are some inventions that you can’t lay your hands on as easily, but you can still go through the list. Some might be available to buy at payday instant loans for the unemployed.

1)     Translator Earbuds

Do you hold a Google Pixel smartphone?

Well, then this is especially for you!

The Google Pixel earbuds can translate languages in real-time when paired with Pixel smartphones. The invention could ease every barrier to traveling across countries for business and personal purposes.

With these earbuds in, you can listen to the conversation or discussion going on in your native language. A sit translates it quickly for you. You can even reply to the conversation in your language, and your smartphone or Pixel speaker will translate it for them. The best part is, the earbuds can translate up to 40 languages! Check the availability!

2)     Whistle sending SOS signal

Leaving your family worried about your off-shore trip is disheartening. But how about informing them about any emergency right away? Now you can!

This whistle uses GPS technology and alerts the selected contacts about your whereabouts. Thus, if you sense the danger, blow the whistle, and the signal is out!

You can just carry it easily as it isn’t bulky. It is indeed a life-saver invention.

3)     Warning lights

Do you find it hard to let go of that additional episode while binge-watching? 

Or do you forget to keep track of time while browsing?

If yes, then it is just for you.

Smartphone addiction is something one finds hard to let go of. These lights can be installed on fingers and alert the user if he/she has been browsing for a long.

It is indeed a brilliant invention, but the thing is- is it something one really needs?

4)     Sweat-powered Electricity

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds!

The engineers at California San Diego University have been working on something crazy. They are working on a device that utilizes sweat from your fingertips to generate electricity at small levels.

The astonishing part is that the device works even when you are in a deep sleep. In addition, as per engineers, typing, texting, and playing games can help generate more electricity.

Sleeping for 10 hours can generate up to 400 millijoules of electricity. It is sufficient to charge a smartwatch and use it for a day!!

5)     Landmine Removal Drones

It is another life-saving invention!

According to a source, “Around 11,00,000,000 landmines are plotted around the world in about 65 countries. The mines are left unattended after wars and conflicts. Owing to this, it has led to over 6000 casualties a year.”

If we count from today, it will take nearly a year to remove all.

And this is where the landmine removal drone emerged as a panacea. These landmine drones are designed to remove landmines without causing any casualties. Multiple drones have been built to remove landmines, along with ensuring cost-efficiency.

6)     Artificial Embryos

It is a fact that scientific advancements can be utterly weird and amazing at the same time. And Artificial Embryos is one invention that proves this.

The embryologists from California have been working on creating embryos using stem cells. According to scientists, placing stem cells together could cause the cells to communicate and line up just like an embryo. This invention promises a bright future where you can find synthetically created embryos with no sperm or egg.

7)     Get smart with Smartypans

Imagine if you could be warned every time you cook something unhealthy? Yes, Smartypan does that for you. Instilled with cooking weighs and temperature sensors, it helps you avoid cooking something that is not in your lifestyle. The red light on the handles glows and indicates a high flame. Apart from this, you can view the step-by-step instructions to use the pan. The application also helps you cook a nutritious meal for the day.

Well, now you can tick off that Keto diet plan for real!!

8)     Jelly drops for Dementia Patients

The Jelly Drops address a problem associated with dementia. Those experiencing dementia regularly have issues with memory loss and challenges with ordinary errands, including essential medical services like drinking sufficient water. Subsequently, the victims can become unwell rapidly because of dehydration.


Lewis Hornby set about tackling this issue, first by tactile hardship methods and computer-generated reality devices to encounter what life may resemble for the old enduring with these issues at that point, by investigating how to make super-hydrating food sources.

Jelly Drops are the outcome. These bright drops are formulated using 90% water and include additional fixings to help hydrate. They’re flavored and shaded to make them captivating, and testing observed individuals with dementia were bound to eat heaps of them and drink water.

The life-saving potential for this simple arrangement justifies itself with evidence.

9)     Refrigerator content tracker

It is common to forget things when you enter the supermarket. But what if you could scan the contents of your refrigerator from the supermarket itself? Yes, you can do so!

Refrigerator content tracker works like that! It allows you to scan the insides of your fridge from the shop or supermarket and helps you stock up on necessary things without overbuying.

The technology helps you identify expired or used items on the shopping list. It works if you take a picture of your fridge contents and helps you save on major food wastage.

10)  Edible Aid Drones

Nothing can match the invention that saves lives and provide emergency items, especially if it is a case of an area hit by natural disasters.

Edible aid drones have bridged the gap between help seekers and help. These drones can pass blocked or impassable roads smoothly. Although it cannot cover every need, the wings of the drone can be stuffed with emergency items like food or a torch for sustenance.

Moreover, the frame of the edible drone can be deconstructed and used for firewood. And covers can be used as shelter.

11)  Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented reality glasses are a real blessing for visually impaired persons. Researchers worked on the technology, and it was a success. These augmented reality glasses help people know about the objects they surround themselves with in their everyday life.

Apart from lending an artificial vision, it improves the quality of life and gives a better view of the world. These smart glasses are bound to be the greatest invention of the future.

12)  Plastic-Consuming Microbes

Plastic squander is serious. It’s causing a wide range of issues for our current atmosphere and marine life as it advances into the seas.

Presently, scientists from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague have started a review using self-moving micro-robots intended to clear up the waste. These bots are supposed to be about the size of a red platelet and can use sun-based ability to move while obliterating microplastics as they go.

Hopefully, it pays off. The microbots are viewed as blue dabs. They use noticeable light to separate the hazardous plastics and tidy up the climate.

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